New Year decorations

Most professional squares decorating, boulevards, public facilities with the latest LED technology and also production and sale of electricity efficient Christmas decorations.


Issuance of certificates for protective grounding, lightning grounding, attest for the correctness of electrical installations.

Water and sewer

Construction of water supply and sanitation for public and private facilities.

Street lighting

Lighting of streets, boulevards, squares, parks lighting, monument lighting of sports fields.

Truck crane - basket

Truck crane - basket rental and work.


Design and construction of professional and recreational multifunctional sports fields with the highest quality artificial grass with all standards.


Construction and installation of a synthetic ice rinks.


Reconstruction of public and private buildings, libraries, theaters and bridges.


Park design and construction of fountains and modern fountains called "dry fountains."

Electrical installations

Construction of low and high voltage electrical installations, network installations and lightning protection installations.

Tourist train

Selling of modern tourist trains.


Retail appliances, electrical and plumbing materials, ironmongery and spare parts.


Installation of air conditioners and air cirtains

Traffic signalization

Selling and installation of traffic signs, traffic lights, spherical mirrors.